Sloan Kendricks takes her panties off in public

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Gallery from: Zishy

Sloan Kendricks was tired of sitting on the shadows. She wanted to take her chance and her space. She wanted to be on the podium with the best of them and this was her chance. She took it as she stood on an actual podium and flaunted her nice boobs. This petite blonde wanted to impress and impress she did. She did not need to do anything else. She walked out and with the camera in tow, she went to a luxury suite to begin her shoot. Sloan Kendricks takes her panties off in public – flashing both her tight pussy and her skinny ass.

Now that she had shown her boobs, she spread her legs and showed them off. But she covered her pussy and only left the rest to imagination. She then took sexy poses that betrayed her fantasies and made her look even more stunning than she already was. She then went to the window and she let the light form a silhouette of her body. Her ass was visible and it looked amazing. Sloan Kendricks then went back to the podium and she lifted her skirt to reveal her heavenly ass for her last pose which proved that she had arrived and would be a force to reckon with.


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