What is the best Tara Tainton JOI video?

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Of you’re looking for the best Tara Tainton JOI video then it has to be this one and it’s not just my subjective opinion. It’s rated 90% on Porn Hub and it’s had thousands of views.

In the video Tara Tainton is your step Mom – sexy, sultry a busty babe – and she’s very happy with you today because you came home with A grades. As your reward you get to jerk off all over your Step Moms pretty little toes. You can’t believe your luck when Mommy puts her feet on the table and tells you to pull your pants down and play with your cock. As she wiggles her toes she encourages you to start to touch yourself, she can see how horny you are because your cocks flexing in the air. You get cam girls giving you jerk off instructions every night but to get them off your Mom is a special treat.

It’s not the first time your Mom has encouraged you to play with yourself, you really quite like it so with your shorts around your knees you grab your cock and start to stroke it slowly, pulling your foreskin all the way back and letting the fresh air around your cock tip. You know your Mom like sit when you do that. As Tara Tainton’s wiggles her sexy toes and tells you that she wants your cum all over them you start to jack off harder – you want to make your Mom happy. It doesn’t take along. Your Step Mom is so sexy that just a few hard strokes and you shaft tightens up. You look in your Moms eyes and take a step forward so you can empty your cum all over her pretty feet. She can’t believe how much cum you make. She wiggles her cum covered toes and tells you how she loves the feeling and that if you do good next term she might let you do it again. Click here to see all JOI instructors online now.